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Before your water leaves the well, it goes through the most natural and complex filtration system available – the earth.Unfortunately, there are places with higher concentrations of minerals that remain in the water after it has been pumped from your well.

Avid Water Systems

Avid Water Systems

Reasons for Well Water Filtration

  • sulphur (rotten egg smell)
  • calcium (limescale residue)
  • iron (orange water and staining)
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • iodine
  • nitrate
  • clay (discoloration and staining)
  • acidity

The most important first steps towards a resolution is proper testing and equipment sizing. Without this, your system could be overloaded with minerals.

Occasionally, there is a presence of bacteria in pumped water. This could be because the water source is too close to the well to fully benefit from the earth’s natural filtration. Or, the well is old and the seal has become flawed. Or, it’s just time for a cleaning.

Often, a simple chlorination is all you need to get bacteria laden water back to safe, drinkable levels. If that isn’t enough, there are a number of solutions: The most common is UV light. The UV light unit can be installed for you and requires only yearly maintenance service.

All Well and Pump Service is proud to be partnering with Avid Water Systems to bring Medford, Rogue River, and Grants Pass areas superior well water filtration systems.

Let’s make sure you get the system that meets your demands
and one that will stand the test of time.